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Typical Planning Deliverables

Deliverables will vary according to engagement - client, project, and contract.  These are examples of standard strategic planning deliverables. Deliverables are well-defined before any contract is signed.

  • Validated Mission, Vision & Values - Most clients have their organization's mission, vision & values defined. Sometimes the strategic planning process will require re-visiting and/or validating these.  They are the foundation for planning.
  • Situation Analysis - this is what the "Research, Analysis & Audit" phase of the project is about - identifying the best available data about your current and future projected status, and manipulating data until it becomes useful information. This often involves the application of one or more specific common analytic methods (e.g. industry, business model, competitive positioning, supply chain, critical success factors, product line, etc.).
  • Strategic Plan - after analysis is complete, the outcome of analysis and the related implications for the future have to be captured in one or more planning documents which may include: long-term strategy; operating plans; business plans; financial analysis; and projections under various scenarios. You use these documents with major stakeholders like your Boards, and existing and prospective funders.
  • Implementation Plan(s) - the majority of clients request assistance identifying the work which must be done to implement the strategic plan.  Developing detailed project plan(s) can be among the most important deliverables you retain, allowing you to forecast exactly what funds and other resources are required to implement change.
  • Post mortem and change management deliverables - implementation plans may need to be supported by large scale change management plans and related deliverables, like customized training.

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