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Jennifer Curtis  •  Woodinville, WA  •  425-844-9508


I work in multiple sectors: private, not-for-profit, public, and multi-sector alliances.  I obtained my MBA credentials at a young, innovative school (Yale School of Management) that was, and is, renown for dual emphases: preparing students to lead in multiple sectors during their careers, and globalism.  I bring a broad knowledge of management science as it pertains to each sector, as well as deep personal experience administering and consulting to not-for-profits, and managing and consulting within large, "best-in-class" multinational corporations.

I have a passion for technology, especially as it is applied to improving living conditions, where it is needed most (for example ICTD).  I have a deep layperson’s understanding of health care, both in large hospital and community clinic environments.  I retain my interest in apparel/textile, in part because it is often the first industry adopted by developing economies (it requires minimal capital investment and is highly portable).  I am an eager student of renewable energy technology. I have some experience with basic research (cell biology).

I travel, and delight in exploring places and cultures unlike my own.  I have spent time in developing countries, and have studied emerging economies.  I enjoy a balanced travel schedule.

My interests are obviously diverse, as is my career experience – both reflect my hunger for life-long learning, achieving mastery, and new experiences.  My experience is both broad and deep in the areas I claim expertise.   I am flexible, and yet highly disciplined.

I have had several careers because I pursue varied experience, seeking to apply learning from one industry to others, which is why consulting comes so naturally.  I bring great intensity to each assignment, but am happy to move to the next, once you are satisfied. 

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