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Jennifer Curtis  •  Woodinville, WA  •  425-844-9508

Wise Mind Strategy Consulting Mission

I serve my clients by helping them articulate their strategic goals and determine the optimal way to achieve them.

The Business

In any economic environment, understanding and formulating strategy is critical to survival.  Strategy is your map for both familiar and uncharted waters, and a tool for limiting risk - cost, loss of competitive stature, diminished product quality.  Yet, in the crush of meeting daily requirements, we sometimes neglect defining strategy, sometimes when we need it most. This often happens when an enterprise experiences challenging market conditions and rapid change.  Today's economic challenges are global, unpredictable, and arise quickly.  Wise Mind Strategy Consulting works with your organization to articulate the strategies that fit you best, and can be implemented with least difficulty.  When new strategy requires changes to your business, I can help you identify and plan to make those changes.

Consulting Benefits

  • Fresh Perspective
  • Research & Analytic Tools for Rapid Diagnosis
  • Clear Problem/Scope Definition
  • Facilitated Stakeholder Management
  • Rigorous Planning Process
  • Applied Experience and "Best Practices" Expertise
  • Maximum Benefits at Minimum Cost
  • Skills and Technology Transfer - Organizational Learning
  • Implementation Support As Needed

I model the skills I bring to the table, such that your staff can replicate the strategy definition process.

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Why hire a consultant?

You are seeking expertise on a time-limited basis.

Once I meet the metrics we have agreed represent "job complete," I leave, minimizing your managerial costs and overhead.

I bring novel perspective, deep & broad experience, objectivity, and commitment to facilitating implementation and other necessary changes.

I don't simply identify better strategies; I help you understand their implications to your org.