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Jennifer Curtis  •  Woodinville, WA  •  425-844-9508

About The Company

Wise Mind Strategy Consulting is a one-person shop, and I (Jennifer Curtis) am the owner & founder.  However, I cultivate a vibrant network of other professionals, experts in complementary fields who could help you should you need a different skill set to actually implement your new strategy.

"Wise Mind" Strategy?

I use the phrase "Wise Mind" to remind us of the conditions which produce best results, specifically when a strategy embodies these certain attributes...

Attributes of Solid Planning

  • Accuracy - in characterizing status, conditions and challenges
  • Rigor - in analysis, augmented by experience and intuition
  • Appropriateness - in synthesis, manifesting contextual & cultural fit
  • Sustainability - rooted in meaningful stakeholder involvement
  • Learning - from internalizing change implications
  • Commitment - arising from a compelling process and final product
  • Improvement - driven by organizational learning, new insights, and metrics

Consulting provides a means to work directly in service to my colleagues, my clients. My calling is similar to an internist's.  Think of your firm as the patient.  My job is to:

  • assess our patient’s history and symptoms;
  • accurately diagnose the underlying problem(s);
  • research treatment options; and
  • suggest a plan, or prescription, for arriving at optimal health. 

My goal is to manifest the care and commitment of an expert, devoted doctor in all my interactions with my clients.

Bodhisattva Tara Buddhist

"Wise Mind" is also a state of consciousness achieved during intense meditation, when your path seems clear and you feel a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. Since my goal is to help my clients achieve clarity and confidence about the future,  I have appropriated the term "wise mind"
from its Buddhist origins.

Wooden carving, Tara, a female bodhisattva.