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Phase 0 Scope Interview & investigate: client's view of problem & scope of work.
  Commit Clarify leadership commitment, stakeholders, & process requirements.
  Contracting Detailed definition of work to be done, contract signed.
Phase 1 Investigate Determine client firm's current state.
  Gather Data Identify and plumb data sources. Develop new sources, metrics & tools as needed.
  Tune Scope Checkpoint: Has the underlying problem statement and/or scope changed?
Phase 2 Diagnosis Data Information Strategic Implications.
  Hypothesis Drive down detail for one or more strategies under various scenarios (sensitivity analysis).
  Validation Validate hypotheses inside/outside the client organization & with stakeholders.
Phase 3 Formulate Formulate final strategy: what; when; who; where; & how.
  Capture Capture in form(s) of documentation client requires.
  Implications Understand implications to enterprise.
Phase 4 Present Present to decision-takers.
  Commit Insure understanding....obtain organizational commitment. 
Phase 5 Action Planning High level implementation planning & "next steps."
Phase 6 Tech Transfer "Post-Mortem," org development & training; org readiness.
Methodology varies across clients, according to need. The above is generally accurate for strategy engagements.


Should a highly diversified rural social service agency retrench and eliminate programs?

What is the risk associated with funding a new wind farm in any of multiple locations?

Does it make sense for private investors to fund a new biotechnology venture?

What is the best way to apply technology to promote agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa?

What strategies should a new tech startup pursue for its v.1 product?  What will the product life cycle look like?

Should a successful manufacturer launch a related service organization or continue to rely upon partners?

How should the local negotiate a new contract? 

Should a group of volunteers incorporate a new not-for-profit organization?